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Clinic Two – ‘Strength and Mobility’  12:00 – 13:30


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This workshop is not yoga. It is designed to offer you the tools and exercises to perform strength related exercises, mobility drills and stretches at home or anywhere else (including the gym). I will be pulling from mainly my personal training background for this one. These exercises will be mostly body weight with the additional use of a chair and a resistance band. These simple exercises will improve the following: Functional movement and mobility, your strength and your flexibility. These drills will certainly aid your yoga practice and/or other sports and activities you do.

I will teach proper technique including pelvic alignment and talk about how to programme your week and your sessions, including what exercises do what and what reps and sets to aim for. Furthermore, I will discuss topics like muscle loss as we get older, and talk about the importance of strength training and getting the correct nutrition as we age. I will explain terminology like progressive overload, time under tension, passive vs active stretching and much more.

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